Peace and Joy is our true nature - Our journey is to claim it!


Health is Wealth and Peace of mind is Happiness. Peace is not only possible, it is our true nature. Each of us can find inner peace through our own works, thus becoming a force for peace and happiness in the world. Please come inside to learn more.


I serve the cause of Peace, traveling North America to share a smile, universal teachings guiding us to peace and happiness, and proven Yogic practices that help us to touch and finally reside in the ocean of peace and bliss inside each of us. 




I am a pilgrim for peace. I've travelled the USA on foot these past three years, over 10,000 kilometers, and now I tour in the "Yoga for Peace" minibus. I travel from town to town sharing theory, examples and practices to help us find peace. I ask for nothing and give freely of all that I have to support you in your journey from fear to peace.

Pilgrimage Home: Journey to the Heart
Free download of "Pilgrimage Home: Journey to the Heart". In it I share the perspective gained from my pilgrimage, along with stories and photographs from the the coast to coast walk. It is offered from the heart with the wish that it might be beneficial on your path.
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