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  • "Change yourself and you have done your part in changing the world. Every individual must change his own life if he wants to live in a peaceful world. The world cannot become peaceful unless and until you yourself begin to work toward peace." - Paramhansa Yogananda. Swami Sankaranada Is a man who is doing his part. He listened within and acted to change his life by walking coast to coast 4 Peace. Along the way, he has shared his stories and acts as an instrument to help us recognize that we are all Spirit. I was blessed to be able host him during his journey through Michigan. If you have the opportunity, please consider doing the same." ~ Judy DeKun, Ananda Michigan
  • "I am 71. When I met Swami Sankarananda I said one thing: "I don't want to die this way." My heart was full of anger and regrets. His teachings have taken me far beyond that point to a new day that is happy and loving. He changed my life and I am eternally grateful." Jody Byrne
  • "I was blessed to meet Swami Sankarananda during his first coast to coast walk in 2014 and than again in Michigan in 2015. Meeting him, talking with him, and listening to a public talk he gave, were amazing heart and mind opening experiences for me. He is a genuine, loving soul who embodies peace." ~ Stacey Winterton
  • "Swami walked into Akron, bringing a beautiful and powerful message of peace, real ways to peace in our daily lives. I was personally moved by his discussion on the world being a mirror of our perceptions, and the power of surrendering to the Divine, allowing our needs to be met, as outlined in the many stories from Swamis journey. We personally, and as a community were deeply blessed to experience this kindness and peaceful wisdom." ~ Zachary Friedhof
  • "Swami carries a brightness of spirit and soul that spreads to everyone within his reach. His talk at the library is enlightening, fun and life changing." ~ Deb Bowman, Chebeague Island Library Director
  • "Swami's life has been a living example of non-attachment. Just thinking of him walking across the country with only a phone, a camera, and a toothbrush continues to boggle my mind. When I start to crave something I think of Swami and all that he has renounced, and I am inspired to reconsider my craving and let go. Swami talked about how kindness is the practice of peace; just this simple insight has enabled an expansion of peace in my life." ~ Anna Fisher
  • "Swami Sankarananda is a modern spiritual leader trained in the Yogic monastic tradition. He follows the example of Peace Pilgrim and teaches from traditions of all paths, secular and non secular, to guide one to the Way Of Peace. His philosophy is simple - love all and do your daily work." ~ Erica Reiner
  • "While Swami visited the Bloomington, IL area, he spoke at a church and a yoga center. I was inspired by the universal perspectives he shared: self surrender, unrelenting kindness, determination to stay on the spiritual path as "we are spirit, not the material body"; warm-hearted encouragement to "keep going" on one's own internal pilgrimage." ~ David Crenshaw
  • "Hearing Swami's story and witnessing his faith in action inspires me immeasurably. His dedication to peace is an example to us all. Being able to walk with him and to practice sending love in each step is experience I won't forget. If you have the opportunity to meet and hear Swami talk, I would recommend it. It is a life-changing experience." ~ Holly Makimaa
  • "God keeps showing up at my door. God comes in many forms; as the destroyer, the lover, the friend. She came as Peace Pilgrim and then shortly after as Swami Sankarananda. Swami teaches that love is the one thing worth living for and that it begins with the understanding that we are not this body." ~ Debra Risberg
  • "His faith in Divinity is unshakable and comes from real life experience which he shares in his engaging talks. He gave a wonderful talk at Sambodh in 2014 and we were pleased to have him back in 2015. This year we arranged a 5 mile Peace walk which was a healing experience for all and we plan to expand the event next year. The experience with Swami Sankarananda provided me with a personal rededication to spiritual endeavors. He offers encouragement and strength to true seekers and solace to lost souls. Sambodh Society supports his work and we look forward his return to Kalamazoo next year." ~ Suzanne Johnson
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