“Silence is the substratum for this body, mind, Prana and senses. Silence is the background for this sense-universe. Silence is power. Silence is a living force. Silence is the only reality. The peace that passeth all understanding is Silence. The goal of your life is Silence. The purpose of your existence is Silence. Silence is thy real name. Silence is intuitive experience.” ~ Swami Sivananda


In these times there is no better cure for whatever ails us than silence, and yet we do not know how to be truly silent, nor do we understand its importance or make the time for it. These retreats will offer the Ashram experience on a donation only basis or in a few cases a small fixed cost for accommodations only. The focus is on living in accordance with the wisdom teachings, participating in sacred and ancient practices of Yoga to experience the sacred silence inside.


The retreats are open to all seekers, regardless of tradition, and is held in sacred and safe space with respect for all. They are conducted in accordance with the holistic and all-inclusive teachings of Swami Sivananda, also incorporating the teaching of other prophets, sages or great teachers depending upon the host location. Each program will begin on Friday afternoon and complete Sunday afternoon. The only requirements of the participants are that they are genuine in their intent, that they be kind and respective of all during the retreat, that they participate fully in all aspects of the retreat including in seva (selfless service). No one is asked to believe in any particular teaching, but to participate fully in order to take away an understanding of how the wisdom teachings and practices may be of benefit to them in diving deeper within the inner silence.


The retreats will be offered this summer and fall across the USA. Please click on the image above for more details.

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